Dressing the Thanksgiving Table

Dressing your table should reflect you as the host/hostess.  You decide how simple, chic, traditional or formal you want the table to feel.  Candles are a must for ambience, plus the glow from a flame is one of the most flattering lighting for anyone!

Some tips to keep in mind include having lower decorations along the center.  Too much height impedes a good flow of conversation.  Leave some “negative” space along the table.  Even if you serve a buffet style meal, eventually some of the side dishes start making their way around the table as guests go in for seconds and thirds and those dishes need a place to land.  Name cards at each seat relieves any awkwardness when guests arrive at the table.  Specific seating arrangements allows the host/hostess to place quiet guests next to chatty friends while people with similar interests can be placed together.

This picture from Gemmbook.com offers an excellent example of a beautifully dressed table.  Your Thanksgiving guests will be anxious to find their seat here!

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